Cyberwatch Finland | Strategic cyber awareness analysis and services.
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Cyberwatch Finland

Cyberwatch Finland provides strategic situational awareness reviews based on a holistic view of the cyber world events. Our reviews are based on data collected from publicly available sources including major vulnerabilities, news, reports, events and trends of the cyber security. The data is processed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analysed by professional cyber security specialist making perceptions and conclusions of the most important issues from the leaders point of view.

Targets of Cyber attacks are around the whole society, particularly the vital functions of the society, also in Finland. To be able to follow and analyse the increasing number of news about security breaches, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks is time consuming and challenging. Leaders and decision-makers as well as other actors need strategic status reports that help to increase awareness of situations to have a solid basis for strategic decisions.

Our goal is to bring real value for decision makers, who can apply the findings of the reviews to company’s risk analyses, strategic decisions and proactive actions.

Correct information and a common understanding of the importance of knowledge for the organization create the foundation for cyber safety. An increased situational awareness helps companies prepare and adapt for constantly changing cyber threats.


Cyberwatch Services

Monthly Review

The Cyberwatch Monthly Review is a compact analysis of most significant cyber incidents news, security breaches, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks in terms of what threats they might pose for the organizations.

Quarterly Review

The Cyberwatch Quarterly Review is an analysis of the most significant events and changes in the cyberspace with a broader perspective to evaluate backgrounds, trends, trends and emerging themes.

Theme Reports

The Cyberwatch Theme Report provides a deeper analysis of a specific theme, business sector or a topic. Theme report is an additional service to be ordered separately.

Cyberwatch TV

Cyberwatch Finland produce also own TV channel provides topical interviews, discusses cyber security threats and broadcasts live TV broadcasts of important events in the industry.

Contact us

Aapo Cederberg, CEO

+358 40 024 6746

Kim Waltzer, Chief Analyst

+358 40 771 4737


Cyberwatch Oy

Eteläranta 10, 00130 Helsinki